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Desigual Spring/Summer 2017 NYFW

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Just before my last show, I headed over to Desigual to get a feel of what that was like. The show was much bigger than the shows I went to earlier in the day but I was excited to see what kind of runway show they put on. I wouldn’t say that Desigual is my go to store but I am always open to trying new looks and places I haven’t really been to.

At my seat, there was a few pieces of paper entailing what each look consisted of and a super cute notebook to keep. The show started about a half hour after it was supposed to but there was lots of commotion to keep everyone occupied. Famous bloggers were being greeted with camera flashes everywhere I looked. When it came time for people to stop mingling and stop looking for their seats, I got sat on. A woman actually came to where I was sitting and did not care that I was there. I moved over slightly without even mentioning it because I couldn’t believe that just happened.

Anyway, once the show began, two looks were featured at a time which made it a bit hard to keep up with. Every look had some type of tribal accent to it whether it was tribal makeup or a patterned dress. The theme of the show was a bit unclear to me because it transitioned from a cultural genre to a largely denim theme, to a 60’s feel but the tribal makeup stayed the same. I didn’t mind it though, it kept people on their toes. If you looked closely at a few looks, you will notice that Snapchat filters have been incorporated such as the butterfly “crown” and dog nose! After really honing in on all of the looks throughout the day, it was clear to me that embellishments of all sorts are going to be big for the spring/summer season.


Michael Costello Spring/Summer 2017 NYFW

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Let me just start off by saying Michael Costello’s show was the highlight of my day. It was amazing. I was on the opposite side of town rushing to get from one show to the next. My feet were blistering so badly from my boots that I had to hobble my way to the nearest subway station. Mind you, it wasn’t near at all. I literally had to remove my shoes on the subway and a kind man offered me a bunch of oversized bandaids. After that ordeal, I realized that I had taken the subway to it’’s very last stop and it was in the complete opposite direction of where I wanted to be. Of course I was worried and thought I wouldn’t make it in time to see Michael Costello but as always, I had to keep in mind it was not obscure for shows to run, well, fashionably late. By the time I found my way back I moseyed my way into a seat in the last row and the show started a few moments later.

The show started out with a suspenseful beat that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Out came the first look after about a minute and it was all ooh and ah from there. The first round of looks were a deep shade of purple and the beat of the music had every single model owning that runway. It felt so empowering being in there, it felt like Costello was trying to let the crowd know that he is legitimate and he means business. It was very apparent that he put a lot of effort into each look and that every piece coincided with the next. A few of the outfits that swept the runway had floral embellishments and trains, even floral headpieces were worn to give that extra wow factor. As if the show couldn’t get any better, a little girl walked down the runway followed by a woman holding a baby. Michael definitely likes to keep things interesting, his music choice literally faded from an upbeat tune to Kanye West’s Fade. Everyone in the audience was swaying along to the beat as red gowns and pantsuits glided their way through. I personally thought the models that were casted were absolutely beautiful and not the same old super tall, super lanky ones you see in most high fashion shows. Michael Costello was hands down my favorite show thus far.

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Supima Design Competition 2017


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This year marked the ninth annual Supima Design Competition which gives six college students the chance to make it big and win a ten thousand dollar prize in order to work further in the fashion design industry. The show was hosted by Olivia Culpo for the second time in a row, she looked gorgeous as ever with her hair tied back in a bubble braid. Front row viewers were given a large gift bag along with a bouquet of cotton which was very clever and adorable on Supima’s part. The rest of the rows had smaller gift bags with UNIQLO tee’s and a Brooks Brothers wallet. I was happy that I was moved up from the third row to the second in order to fill some seats.

As soon as the show started everyone including myself was beyond impressed with the looks that were gallivanting down the runway. It was inspiring to know that these college students are my age and have incredible talent at the tip of their fingers and creativity in every inch of their being. Each student had a totally different style. There were looks adorned with floral patches, gowns filled with asymmetric angles and emerald green.  I was really rooting for Jacob Blau to win because his style catered to mine. Every piece of his that was featured on the runway was edgy and unpredictable. He used wiring and tye dye in most of his looks which I thought was cool because it wasn’t your typical evening wear look. Jeffrey Taylor, the proud winner of the competition stifled back a few tears as he thanked everyone in his life for how far he has come. I believe Jeffery’s win was well deserved due to his first eye catching dress with pops of yellow and his keen details. His gowns had such impeccable detail in them that you could practically feel his hard work and skill radiating as each look passed. Congratulations to all of the students who entered! They all did such a remarkable job, I hope to hear more about them in the future.

Noon By Noor Spring/Summer 2017 NYFW

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Noon by Noor’s Spring/Summer 2017 show was awesome! It was the first fashion show I have ever attended thanks to Esther. I arrived pretty early to secure a good spot in line because I had “standing” tickets. Luckily for me, once the standing line started to move I was front and center and got promoted to an actual seat. The view was pretty good and I was surrounded by tons of bloggers and media. There was even some type of reality star being followed around with a camera just before she entered the show and gracefully made her way to a front row seat.

The show was at the Gallery in Clarkson Square, the perfect venue for Fashion Week. It was exactly how I pictured it to be. Gigantic, colorless walls and teeny tiny seats clustered into multiple sections for optimal viewing. Once the models started to strut their stuff down the very long, and very windy runway, iPhones were pulled out left and right. The first couple of looks were so breathtaking. The designers incorporated a plethora of neutrals and even more sheer fabrics. Two piece ensembles, pantsuits, and dresses made their debut. My personal favorite look was the last look that mimicked a dress from the back and was all business in the front. It had lots of little details and embellishments that wowed the audience.

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