Once, a guidance counselor told my parents that my personality would get me by more than any smarts would (I was flunking math, of course.) I took that as something positive and thought maybe just being myself is what will help me be successful. I don’t ever want people to label me as some snobby fashionista because that’s not what I am. I want to be IN the fashion industry but i don’t want to BE the fashion industry. I want to stay true to myself and be humble and still pursue my various other interests. I know that things can get catty and competitive in fashion and I’m just going to try to make it by being myself completely and honestly. I love clothing and style and the way avant-garde looks on the catwalk but I can’t tell you the name of every single designer to ever live. That’s not what being a fashionista is to me, it’s more than that. It’s someone who is comfortable with being themselves but also want to explore what being someone else is like for a day or for a few months. I think it’s important to be inspired by others and to take certain aspects of style from them. There’s no such thing as “copy catting” in fashion, to me, there is only admiration.


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