Parsons x Teen Vogue: Unlocking Visual Style

boho chic

So I have been accepted into an online fashion certificate course administered by Parsons and Teen Vogue. First of all, let me just start by saying this is an amazing opportunity to have and a wonderful thing to have on any resume. All the assignments I have done and will do will be put into a portfolio to take onto any jobs or internships I am applying for! So far I have completed course 1 of 5: unlocking visual style! This course has taught me how to create mood boards as well as styles from my inspirations and it has helped me put my own personal aesthetic into view.

Throughout the course, there are significant videos containing interesting information about everything from sports wear to wedding dresses! There is also videos from the most elite fashion insiders and everything is very modern and fast paced. There are quite a few assignments but they’re all very enjoyable and you gain a lot of knowledge and experience from doing hands on assignments. I will keep you guys updated as I finish each section, I hope you try it out xoxo

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