Hot Trend Alert!

Like history, fashion repeats itself. Again and again…and again, except it’s not boring at all. When trends make their rounds for the second or third time we can always expect that they will be hotter than ever before. My new favorite trend involves vintage clothing, funky designs, and an iron. If you haven’t guessed what I am talking about by now, I am referring to iron on patches, baby!


These are awesome because you can express yourself even more through your clothing by adding some of your personal aesthetic to it. All you have to do is log onto Pinterest or Google and search “patches” or “iron on patches” and your eyes will be exposed to a plethora of funky designs to deck your clothes with.


This is like the vintage yet cooler version of bedazzling. Score a few patches with whatever you want on it and start ironing away. You place the templates onto your clothing then gently iron over it with a washcloth and voila! You have a unique article of clothing just for you. Try it out, I promise it’s worth it but avoid your parents at all costs because they will be sure to remind you that they used to rock iron on’s back in the day and nobody wants to believe they ever had the same style as their mom or dad. Now excuse me while I get carried away ironing on my sweet clothing decals.

via Pinterest


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