Melanie Martinez:

Not a lot of people can pull off crazy hair colors and colorful tattoos that tend to be visible from every angle but when someone can, it’s certainly not going to go unnoticed. A perfect example of a gal who can pull all of this off is no other than Melanie Martinez. Melanie is an American singer and she writes her own songs too! You’ve probably heard one of her songs, Doll House, featured on American Horror Story. Or maybe even recognized her from Adam Levine’s team on The Voice. There is no doubt this vibrant girl has a style of her own that I hope more people become inspired by.


via Instagram


She is just too cute. I can’t help but feel that she looks like what I imagine the product of every Nicki Minaj alter ego mixed with a Gothic princess would. I LOVE IT


via Instagram

Just look at her, Melanie Martinez is an absolute bad ass.

via Instagram


Not only does Melanie have a kick ass style, but she has such a creative and beautiful mind. You can see it through the way she dresses and all of her tattoos. I wish I could rock a gumball machine tat on my ribs or an outfit adorned with stuffed teddy bears. This girl makes creepy look cool and I can get down with that!


via Instagram

via Instagram

 If you are just as in love with Melanie’s style as I am, you can check her out on Instagram @littlebodybigheart


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