Out With The Fur in With The Faux


Fur can be classy, cozy, exciting, or downright ugly, the list goes on and on. The ugly kind of fur has nothing to do with appearance but much more about its authenticity. Killing or skinning animals for their hide and beautiful fur is the ugliest part of what goes into the fashion industry. I am in no way throwing shade to people who purchase real fur coats and any other fur clothing or bags but sometimes it’s much better to opt for tasteful faux furs instead! Faux fur is undoubtedly one of the kindest things the fashion industry has brought to us over the years and years of textile production. 

Unlike real fur and skins, faux anything is usually a lot less pricey and A LOT easier to get your hands on. Keep in mind that it’s easy to get tacky when purchasing something like a faux fur vest or even a faux bag of any type.

Now before everyone starts to gasp and think about the horror it would be to have such expensive taste and not actually be able to wear the real deal, there is good news! I’ve found alternatives so you don’t have to frantically search the Internet out of guilt of owning real furs and skins (again, it’s ok if you do!) 


via Shoptiques.com ($78)

 Shaggy faux fur vest

Check out this chic shaggy vest, it has a loose fit on the bottom and hugs you in all of the right places to keep your warm on a breezy spring day! Pair it with a long sleeve shirt and some leggings and you’ll look effortlessly cool.


vis Urban Outfitters ($59.99)

Faux fur jacket 
This faux fur jacket is comfy and stylish all in one and is sure to keep you warm. 


vis Solestruck ($139.95)

 Faux fur heels
For all my fashion innovators, get out of the norm and purchase a pair of these bad boys because they are cute in the most obscure ways. (Real leather is used for these FYI)


via Urban Outfitters ($129)

 Vegan leather jacket
This adrogenous vegan leather jacket gives off such an “I don’t give a crap” vibe and it’s all we should want in life.


via Forever21 ($29.90)

 Faux suede dress
This dress is actually #goals. 


via Guess ($75.60)

 Men’s faux leather joggers 

For the dudes who enjoy the combination of leather and joggers.

…And for those of you wondering why I’ve ceased to post an alternative to fur hats, sorry. Not happening, obnoxious fur hats never have nor will they ever be cute and neither will their faux alternatives.


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