Kylie Lip Kit Review 

My ever so anticipated Kylie Lip Kit has arrived! I ordered Posie K on Monday and  it came on Saturday, a lot faster than expected. I was so happy to try it on that I rushed and basically looked like a clown the first go around BUT the results were actually amazing when I applied the matte lipstick the fourth time. Sorry makeup goddesses, I apologize for my lack of lipstick applying skills.

Let’s get this straight, I absolutely love matte lipstick but it’s hard to find a really reputable brand that keeps your lips looking hydrated AND has that matte style and texture we all strive for. Kylie manages to do both of these things at once and the greatest feature of this lipstick is that it dries within seconds. I literally applied the lipstick on and two seconds later it was dried on. The liner that came in the lip kit looked a little obvious and cracked after I put the lipstick over it but I’m also no professional so I don’t know how to fix that problem. Of course I had to coat on a few more layers for it to look it’s best but it was no big deal. Kylie has given me my moneys worth and I normally wouldn’t spend 35 dollars on lipstick and liner. I really want to purchase some more of cosmetics in the near future but my bank account advises me against it. The price could be cheaper but hey it’s some quality stuff.

The color obviously looks extremely different on everyone depending on the skin tone but on me it was more of a pinkish purple. Kylie describes this color as “the most perfect pink” and I’d have to agree.   



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