Internship Season 

With festival season always comes internship season in the world of fashion. I know, I know. It’s tough to choose between living it up at Coachella or gaining all the experience possible at a kick ass internship. Nowadays if you really delve into the World Wide Web you can find an internship that will make music festivals seem like a thing of the past. If you check out you will be sure to find a butt load of opportunities to take on this summer or next fall! 

This site has offerings from all over the place, LA to NYC and beyond. Now, you don’t necessarily have to be studying fashion to apply for these positions. A lot of posts ask for social media, public relations, and marketing interns for their fashion based companies! Most of the internship positions require you to be enrolled in a 2-4 year college and to work a minimum of two days a week. By the looks of it every company seems to be flexible and very specific about who and what they are looking for. All you need to do is sign up, pick a position, and send a resume! I’ve just updated my resume and sent some applications in and I hope that it goes well. I really want to experience as much as I can in the fashion industry in order to sky rocket my career goals and to inspire others. Happy internship hunting everyone, good luck! 

SIDE NOTE: they also offer entertainment, music and beauty internships for those who are interested you just have to click here, here, and here!


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