Alexa Chung



Low and behold the beautiful and hilarious Alexa Chung. This womens style is so unique. There is a very preppy/tomboy feel about the way she dresses herself. I’d say that’s hard to maintain all at once! Usually people pick one or the other. Alexa can’t seem to decide and why should she?
Alexa is a British model who hosted her own tv show, wrote a book, is an editor at British Vogue, and continues to make docuseries about the fashion industry. As if all of this wasn’t enough, her style really tells a story of its own. Her personality certainly shines threw in the way she dresses so effortlessly cool.  



I mean seriously, in the photo above she’s wearing a beautiful dress while rocking a very shabby chic hairstyle with just a touch of makeup (which she doesn’t even need). She looks like everything I aspire to be and more. After researching more about her it’s safe to say I want to pal around with Alexa Chung and make dry jokes about everyone and everything while sipping tea at the British Vogue headquarters.  

via Instagram


Here Alexa channels her inner lady bug. The most fabulous lady bug I’ve ever seen.

via Instagram

She’s the raddest girl around tbh.

via Instagram

Let it be known that you should give a damn about Alexa Chung and her influence to the fashion industry and all of the work she puts into it.


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