King K Metal Matte

My metal matte has finally arrived! I could not be more excited to share with you all, my thoughts and opinions on this particular lipstick. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog some of you may know by now that my last two reviews of Kylie’s matte lipstick have been overall pretty well but the colors didn’t really fit the photos I saw of them on Instagram and such. 

The metal matte that I ordered by the name of King K was a completely different story. The color was so true to the photos that can be found on Kylie’s cosmetic Instagram account that I was blown away. Not only is the color just as amazing as I was anticipating, the feel of the lipstick is a lot more buttery than the original mattes. 

I first applied a swatch of the color onto myself and I gasped at how pigmented and gorgeous it looked against my skin.

Here is the lipstick on me! As you can tell I have fair skin but my cheeks are naturally a little bit flushed. The color really makes everything pop and makes teeth look even whiter than before! This is what the color looks like on my lips with the flash ON.

And these two photos were taken without flash, in day light! Basically, this is what the color looks like if you were to see it in person and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It seriously feels and looks like liquid gold is on my lips. The metallic mattes are by far my favorite of Kylie’s lip kits and I plan to purchase more because these are great quality. I definitely got my money’s worth! Thanks Kylie, you goddess, you. 


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