That Bathroom Problem

I don’t see the problem in letting LEGITIMATE trans people use the restroom of their choice if you have the parts that coincide with a male then use the men’s room and same goes for female. We should not fear that a man or woman is going to dress up as the opposite sex and step into our bathrooms to sexually assault us. If people wanted to do that I don’t think a sign that says men or women is going to stop anyone with persistence. If you as a parent are so worried about something happening to your child then simply go in the bathroom with them or have them come in with you so thag you can’t make sure they are safe. There is no reason that people need to boycott Target or make a scene. This is just another case of a bunch of strongly opinionated people overreacting and being stubborn. Don’t use the bathrooms then if you don’t like it. It’s not like someone’s going to be like “hey don’t mind me I was a male or female once”. Half of you people can’t even tell the difference it someone changed their sex or not. 

Trans people are even facing jail time for using bathroom of their choice. If somebody is truly that bothered by it they can hold it until they get home. Obviously if I see someone who looks just like a dude, talks like a dude, and has male parts then im going to be freaked out if they come in the bathroom but if all of that matches up with a woman then who cares. If someone is truly just identifying with who they are then they shouldn’t be causing any harm. We all know that nobody is going to stop somebody who looks like a woman from going into the woman’s room and same goes for men. People in bars run into any available bathrooms to do their business amongst other things. People who absolutely can’t hold it any longer sometimes rush into the wrong bathroom and use it because the desire to use the toilet is much stronger than the desire to use the correct bathroom.

If you’re a sexual predator you’re a sexual predator. Case closed. Your choice of gender doesn’t suddenly deem you a sex offender. That’s just nonsense. There are woman who will harass other women and men who will harass other men. Even if people have sexually harassed others doesn’t mean they are into sexually harassing children. It doesn’t matter what you identify is, if you’re a bad person you’ll stay a bad person. If you’re a good person that’s not going to change just because you don’t feel like you’re in the body you’re supposed to be in. All these arguments are just over the top, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if its hasn’t affected you (which it probably won’t) then don’t worry about it.

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