Oh Happy Days

All I ever hear is that a persons happiest day of their whole life, is their wedding day. My eyes instantly roll whenever this is posted on social media or brought up in  ever so familiar conversations. I never understood how someone could make this remark when they haven’t even lived their WHOLE life yet. To me the whole planning and organization of weddings seems stressful enough to ruin the whole “best day of my life” declaration.  Of course it could be one of the happier days in a persons life but I just don’t get how it could be the happiest. A wedding can definitely be one of the happiest points in a everyobes life but there will other ones to replace it over time. I’ve been pretty happy before (like the time I met James Franco) and I don’t think getting married with all of my friends and family ogling at me and my soon-to-be husband would make me a happy camper. I would feel nervous and uncomfortable having all eyes on me but who knows, I haven’t been there yet. Being proposed to seems like a happier day than the wedding itself. Proposals are normally unexpected, it happens at your most vulnerable moment when your guard is down. You don’t see it coming and suddenly you’ve been popped the question or you’re anxiously awaiting a response. When the proposee says yes it must feel like the most magical moment in the world. It must feel so exciting and joyful and that is so special to me. Way more special than a thousand dollar dress and an even more expensive reception and party. The ring is always a plus but it is in no competition with all the memories you share with your significant other. The things leading up to the wedding. The reasons why they love you. The sole purpose for asking for your hand in marriage.

The happiest days have passed as well like graduating college or getting a new car. Seeing your favorite band in concert or letting lose for the first time in your life. Being able to see or hear for the first time or being able to again. Moving out, making a difference, turning twenty one, sleeping in all day and doing nothing, getting something you’ve always dreamed of, that person you’ve always been interested in has finally acknowledged you, or maybe you just found out a Jersey Mikes is being built down the street from you! The happiest days to me are the ones well spent without a care in the world, driving with all the windows down on a warm summer night with all the important people in my life or any day that I’m snuggled up with my wonderful boyfriend.

Aside from that, there are even happier days to come. Moving in together, starting a life, landing an awesome job, countless road trips and vacations, new memories and even more days to top your previous happiest day ever. Have the happiest day of your life with your bestfriend, your family, your dog, or your one and only love. Life moves fast and there is no time to waste, everyday should be your new happiest day wether you’re nineteen or one hundred and nine. There are so many days to feel your happiest and so many more to make you question if your wedding day is truly the only happiest day of your life. That happy day comes and goes quickly but the memory of it will last forever so cherish it as you continue to enjoy even more happiest days of your life.


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