Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil


Remember when I said I was a beauty insider for an exciting brand? Well that brand is Sephora and I was just sent my sample to try out for you guys! The product is called Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil! You can probably assume what the point of the serum is just by the name of it. I normally don’t buy into stuff like this because it usually seems like a scam to get you to waste your money for something that only smells calming but isn’t actually calming at all.  

What it’s for: 

reduces pore size 

-improves appearance of damaged skin

-reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles

-moisturizers and calms skin 

What was happening:

FIRST I had to google how exactly to use this product because the sample bottle is so small I couldn’t really find the proper instructions for usage.

WARNING: Embarrassing pics ahead 

Basically, you use a pipette (for lack of a better word) to suck up the oil and then you release it onto your face! I was alarmed at first because I was dropping blue oil everywhere but once I started to rub it in, things were less messy. I started to blend in the blue potion and it gradually became clearer and clearer. ​

​After a while the oil was totally clear and my face was no longer stained. I could feel the oil on my skin still, but my face has never felt this smooth before. I must say that I am getting sleepier and sleepier as I am writing about this so that’s a good sign! My face feels baby soft I can’t get over it and the aroma of the oil is pleasant and actually calming. I think I’ll get a good nights sleep tonight so that’ll be the real test. So far, I definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs a little bit of sleeping aid or who needs their face to feel clean and healthy within a matter of minutes. Now I can’t say how this product does as far as long term affects go but I am totally going to continue using it until it runs out. Although Sephora sent me this product, I am not giving it a good review because of that. I genuinely believe this product has the ability to do what it claims to do and it’s seriously fitting for a night time routine! You can purchase your very own Luna Sleeping Night Oil here!


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