A Chat With an Artist 

Meet Erica, a graduate student who majors in fashion design at FIDM for their one year post grad program! She plans to pursue a career in costume design and is absolutely in love with art. I stumbled upon her sketches on Instagram and I thought they were so remarkable that they needed to be shown to everyone! Here are some of her sketches: 

A Chat With the Artist:

What are your plans after graduating?

Erica: I’m a Fashion Design major in the one year post grad program. I am planning on working as a costume designer for film (hopefully) after I graduate. 

What types of internships have you been involved in?

Erica: I’m definitely more focused on costuming than on fashion so my internships have been at theaters. As for advice, I would say that you either need to go to a fashion program-mine for example is a 12 month program for those who already have a degree. There’s so many skills and methods you would never think of but that you’ll learn at school.

Got any advice for people trying to pursue a career in the same field?

Erica: If you don’t want to go to school, do research on what kind of portfolio you need to develop for the job you want to go into. Being able to demonstrate your skills in an interview is super important. And if you have a contact in the industry, use them as a resource to find others you can ask for advice or help you find internships or entry level positions. You might start off doing something different from your actual goal at first but it’s about developing relationships and work ethic.

Also, your professors are most likely professionals in their fields. If you develop relationships with them, they can recommend you to jobs and internships for people they know in the industry!

Where did you go for your undergraduate degree?

Erica: I have a bachelors in Theater from UC San Diego. 

I saw your sketches and I was inspired immediately. I like to find inspiration in everything! I’m entering my sophomore year so I still have time to figure things out, it’s just I feel like I need to be there now and get as much experience as possible, I write for college fashionista and the odyssey as well as my blog and I’ve volunteered at fashion week and I work in retail I really love the fashion world and everything about it but it’s difficult to find internships and places to go for it!

Erica: Hmm got it. It sounds to me like you’re getting a lot of experience! I think if you’re serious about pursuing fashion though, you’ll have to move to LA or NYC. I think whether or not you get your bachelors in design at a fashion school is probably more a matter of financial means. Most fashion colleges are really expensive, plus rent and living expenses can be higher. It’s also personal preference. I really wanted to have my university experience before fashion school.

All images have been grabbed from Instagram via @ercawhale 

Seriously guys check out Ericas designs on Instagram they are truly beautiful and wonderfully drawn. She even has a bunch of mood boards and other cool things to take a gander at. You’ll deff be seeing her designs some day! 


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