Perfectly Imperfect

via leaveyouwild

via leaveyouwild

via leaveyouwild

via leaveyouwild

Wearing an outfit that is both comfy and cute can be hard to come by but it’s not impossible. This Fashionista made the seemingly painstaking task look effortless. Throw on a jersey material dress with a pair of sliders and a knitted fedora and the style is complete! Rock the no make-up, make-up visage to really show off how effortlessly cool you look. Little does everyone know that there was and always will be a lot of effort put into your outfit choices no matter how easy you make it appear. Thats the beauty of fashion. It can be so deceiving…as it should. Nobody ever wants to look like they tried hard but they want to look like they at least gave it a go. People love to gawk at the girl who looks like she has styled herself so perfectly imperfect and wish that they could be her when in reality that girl tried even if it was only a little bit. 


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