Did You Say Mom Jeans?

Love, love, love, loooove this look! Even though it’s summer time (finally) the Jersey shore still has a lingering breeze when the sun starts to go down. With that being said, a pair of mom jeans and a sweater crop are the perfect combo for a chill night by the beach or out to your local dive bar! The jeans give you the glorious freedom of being able to parade all around without a care in the world. Since mom jeans are never skin tight, there’s so much more room for fun activities-ahem, I mean to breathe! Did I mention that they make the booty look fantastic no matter the shape or size? Well I did now. So now you’re aware. And now you want to scavenge a pair online ASAP. Also, about those Birkenstocks. Yeah, they’re not actually Birkenstocks but they look exactly the same and are just as comfortable! You can snag a pair here for a fraction of the price.

Keep on the look out for our upcoming article on Ten Ways to Rock Mom Jeans.


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