Working Retail

The world of retail is a strange place. There’s always stories about retail workers absolutely hating their jobs and wishing they never got involved in the first place. As a fashion gal you’ve got to pay your dues sooner rather than later so I decided to work retail early on in my career. To be honest, I don’t hate it in the way that everyone else does. I don’t mind helping customers pick out outfits or tagging/sorting clothing. It keeps me busy but I hate it in the way that it makes me feel like I could be doing so much more. Sometimes I wish I could interrupt and help with future plans for the store and assist with buying particular items. I feel as if I have a voice that no one has the desire to hear even though I believe my thoughts are often valuable. 

Working as a sales associate has me yearning for something greater. Everytime a woman walks in asking me to find the perfect wedding outfit I get a rush of adrenaline and seek out the perfect dresses and jumpsuits for the occasion. It’s as if I am on a strict mission that cannot be completed unless the customer is satisfied with at least three or more items I have chosen. This feeling makes me want to catapult into a photoshoot for Galore magazine or Nasty Gal and put my fashion skills to work. I want to be able to project my visions and creative ideas onto models and runways as well as store displays.bStyling and visuals are probably my favorite aspect of the industry aside from blogging and marketing a brand. I feel as if I can take on anything with my headstrong and determined attitude! It is also for these reasons that I am thankful for my time working in retail. I appreciate the little things that help me learn and grow. I treated every situation as an experience to take with me to my next big interview and throughout life. It’s awesome that I get to put my people skills to work in the real world and the retail world. 

Most good things come with a little bit of bad but the bad honestly makes me laugh. There’s the out-of-town customer who try’s to score a discount for every item they’ve picked up, the woman who wears her clothing and then returns them smelling like pheromones and perfume, and the occasional period stain drying  between the fabric of our most popular items (yes, this actually happens.) 

But back to the perks! I always get first look at the new shipment that comes in plus a pretty decent discount! Like I said, people who really want to delve into the fashion industry have to start from the bottom and never stop absorbing all of the things being taught to them even if they think that it won’t transition into their next job, because it definitely will. Always stay humble and remmeber where you came from even if you end up becoming the next #GirlBoss one day.


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