Just Fab Or Just Drab?

I had a JustFab.com account for around a year but I was tricked into creating a VIP account. I’m not exactly sure how this happened because there was no statement entailing what constitutes as a VIP member. I signed myself up and bought my first two pairs of booties for just $39.95! Not too shabby. Or so I thought. 

After I received my first order I was in love with the shoes. I’ll give it to justfab that the boots looked exactly as they had on their website which is often hard to come across when shopping online. Disappointingly enough, I realized that because I ordered shoes I was in the clear for the first month but after carefully re-reading the status of my membership I found out that if I do not “skip the month” I will be billed around 45 dollars as a membership fee. Now this was not stated or made clear whatsoever for a whole month of me being a member. You could imagine how bummed I was because I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford that! I figured okay ill just cancel the very important part and just be a person without all of the special perks (hardly any at all.) To my dismay, I discovered that VIP members cannot cancel their accounts online which lead me to think one of two things: 1. Why would an online company not have an online cancellation button? 2. Well this sucks. 

I’m not fond of speaking on the phone to begin with so I just pushed the very thought of talking to customer service in the back of my mind for a while. So skip the month I did for the next eight months until I didn’t. I was charged the membership fee because I was a day late on my cancellation which really ticked me off. Finally, I mustered up the courage to call the company. I was very pleased to be greeted by a robotic voice on the phone because it meant I didn’t have to go through the trauma of a customer service rep giving me a hard time. The robot woman said she understood full sentences so when I said cancel my membership a good five times she finally comprehended it. She then proceeded to put me on hold with no other than, a customer service representative. At this point I was just ready to get this over with but the man on the opposite end of my cell phone kept trying to convince me to stay loyal to their company. I said no a few times but he just wouldn’t give in. He said he’d reimburse my money to my account and give me a whopping ten dollars to use towards my next purchase that we all know I wasn’t going to make. I was too discouraged by the lack of respect for my use of the word no that I just said okay and hung up the phone. I never wanted to go through that phone call process again because it felt like so much pressure was on me to stick with a company I no longer had an interest in. So of course I skipped the month just one more time. 

This past June, I had checked out the website and status of my account just to see if anything had changed and I was shocked to see that there was an option to chat with an online representative to cancel your account. I was still pretty mad about this because I should’ve been able to just click a button and be on my way. I decided I could kill some time trying to rid myself of this bad omen. Check out the chat below.

See my struggle. I was so annoyed that even after asking for this process to be quick and painless, I was still not taken seriously. Obviously these messages may have been automated but they just felt flat out rude and disingenuous. 

After the chat with the representative I checked the status of my account one last time and there was an option asking me to cancel my account and I just rolled my eyes because Sophia (and I say her name in a stern voice) told me that my account was set to guest checkout. I clicked the cancel button and that is when it prompted me with the same questions asking why I’m cancelling and if I’m sure. Yes I was sure and yes I was fed up. 

A sigh of relief came over me when I received an email stating my account has been deactivated. And that ladies and gents was my experience over the past year with JustFab. 

Side note* I do not want to bash this company in any way whatsoever. I just want my readers to be informed and aware of occurrences like this and for JustFab to see reviews as such to improve their system because I would honestly have stayed a member if it wasn’t so difficult!


2 thoughts on “Just Fab Or Just Drab?

  1. Annalisa says:

    Hi! I loved your review!
    I was planning on ordering a bag from justfab, would you say it’s worth the hassle?
    I’m a bit scared to dive in considering how shady the company seems, but you did the the “skip a month” option actually worked right… I’ve heard that people are still being billed even if they press the skip button!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • leaveyouwild says:

      Yes the skip the month option worked for me! I heard it does not always work for everyone but I personally don’t believe it is worth the hassle! There are probably similar bags elsewhere


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