Made PR

Having an amazing internship comes with some pretty cool perks! I was able to attend the Made PR showroom to check out a few collections! This showroom had everything from fedoras to boots to booze! It was such a cool experience being that I have never attended a showroom before. 

In case you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, here’s the lowdown. Basically, showrooms are the adult show and tell. You go in, get shown a few items by a few brands and then the people representing the brands tell you a little about the items and the companies that provide them!

Just before leaving I received a cute bag with a lot of fun items inside! Be sure to check out Made PR and all of the brands they represent! I can’t wait to splurge on all of the super cool items from Timbuk2 and Goorin Bros.

I would like to leave a special thanks to Esther Santer over at Louboutins & Love for inviting me to this event! 


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