New Room Boho Dècor

I’ve recently gotten into home deco and interior design. It’s honestly so cool that we get to pick and choose rooms in our homes that depict bits and pieces of ourselves and our loved ones. I have been finishing up redecorating my new bedroom and wanted to show you guys some of it!

I started my new room inspiration by creating a mood board for myself on Pinterest. I carefully pinned a few bed sets and wall decor that I thought would match with the aesthetic I was going for. If you have trouble putting things into perspective when decorating then Pinterest is a great helping tool. It made decorating so much easier because I could see everything I wanted right in front of me instead of picking up random pieces at every store I go to. When you shop around for decorative items it doesn’t always match the color of your comforter or coincide with your rooms color scheme at all. By pinning things into one board, you are able to see all your ideas constricted into one big area with a great layout. You can really get a feel for what is going to look great and what totally isn’t. I made sure to stick with my boho meets Moroccan theme which I ended up seriously loving. 

I picked my wall color based off of my favorite color. Blue! The wonderful beachy tone I stumbled upon is called Mystic Sea by Valspar. 

After finally deciding which color to go for I based everything else off of that. I knew I wanted to have a ton of blue hues but also a contrasting color! I chose to incorporate little accents of orange throughout the room, especially in my bedding. 

I always, always have a few throws on top of my comforter because I’ve been a sucker for fuzzy things (faux of course) since I was a kid. Say hello to my cat, Bubbles!

I definitely haven’t come close to finishing decorating though. I have a ton of wall space that needs to be cleaned up although I like the symplicity of having virtually nothing surrounding me.

The top photo is of a cow skull that I absolutely NEEDED. I searched everywhere for one that was both fake and beautifully painted. Most that I came across were hundreds of dollars that I most certainly didn’t have. I looked around all summer for that beauty and to my dismay, found it at Cabelas. It was only 20 bucks so I couldn’t pass that offer up. Comepletely fake and completely beautiful. I want to adorn it with a few tassels to match my (in progress) tassel curtains as well as stick some flowers in the eye sockets. I already painted the nose bone a pale blue and didn’t further push myself because my artistic abilities are slim to none. 

I hope you guys enjoyed checking out my new dècor! More to come to the blog as I go along. Xo.


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