Desigual Spring/Summer 2017 NYFW

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Just before my last show, I headed over to Desigual to get a feel of what that was like. The show was much bigger than the shows I went to earlier in the day but I was excited to see what kind of runway show they put on. I wouldn’t say that Desigual is my go to store but I am always open to trying new looks and places I haven’t really been to.

At my seat, there was a few pieces of paper entailing what each look consisted of and a super cute notebook to keep. The show started about a half hour after it was supposed to but there was lots of commotion to keep everyone occupied. Famous bloggers were being greeted with camera flashes everywhere I looked. When it came time for people to stop mingling and stop looking for their seats, I got sat on. A woman actually came to where I was sitting and did not care that I was there. I moved over slightly without even mentioning it because I couldn’t believe that just happened.

Anyway, once the show began, two looks were featured at a time which made it a bit hard to keep up with. Every look had some type of tribal accent to it whether it was tribal makeup or a patterned dress. The theme of the show was a bit unclear to me because it transitioned from a cultural genre to a largely denim theme, to a 60’s feel but the tribal makeup stayed the same. I didn’t mind it though, it kept people on their toes. If you looked closely at a few looks, you will notice that Snapchat filters have been incorporated such as the butterfly “crown” and dog nose! After really honing in on all of the looks throughout the day, it was clear to me that embellishments of all sorts are going to be big for the spring/summer season.



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