Michael Costello Spring/Summer 2017 NYFW

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Let me just start off by saying Michael Costello’s show was the highlight of my day. It was amazing. I was on the opposite side of town rushing to get from one show to the next. My feet were blistering so badly from my boots that I had to hobble my way to the nearest subway station. Mind you, it wasn’t near at all. I literally had to remove my shoes on the subway and a kind man offered me a bunch of oversized bandaids. After that ordeal, I realized that I had taken the subway to it’’s very last stop and it was in the complete opposite direction of where I wanted to be. Of course I was worried and thought I wouldn’t make it in time to see Michael Costello but as always, I had to keep in mind it was not obscure for shows to run, well, fashionably late. By the time I found my way back I moseyed my way into a seat in the last row and the show started a few moments later.

The show started out with a suspenseful beat that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Out came the first look after about a minute and it was all ooh and ah from there. The first round of looks were a deep shade of purple and the beat of the music had every single model owning that runway. It felt so empowering being in there, it felt like Costello was trying to let the crowd know that he is legitimate and he means business. It was very apparent that he put a lot of effort into each look and that every piece coincided with the next. A few of the outfits that swept the runway had floral embellishments and trains, even floral headpieces were worn to give that extra wow factor. As if the show couldn’t get any better, a little girl walked down the runway followed by a woman holding a baby. Michael definitely likes to keep things interesting, his music choice literally faded from an upbeat tune to Kanye West’s Fade. Everyone in the audience was swaying along to the beat as red gowns and pantsuits glided their way through. I personally thought the models that were casted were absolutely beautiful and not the same old super tall, super lanky ones you see in most high fashion shows. Michael Costello was hands down my favorite show thus far.

*All fashion week posts previously posted on Louboutins & Love


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