Noon By Noor Spring/Summer 2017 NYFW

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Noon by Noor’s Spring/Summer 2017 show was awesome! It was the first fashion show I have ever attended thanks to Esther. I arrived pretty early to secure a good spot in line because I had “standing” tickets. Luckily for me, once the standing line started to move I was front and center and got promoted to an actual seat. The view was pretty good and I was surrounded by tons of bloggers and media. There was even some type of reality star being followed around with a camera just before she entered the show and gracefully made her way to a front row seat.

The show was at the Gallery in Clarkson Square, the perfect venue for Fashion Week. It was exactly how I pictured it to be. Gigantic, colorless walls and teeny tiny seats clustered into multiple sections for optimal viewing. Once the models started to strut their stuff down the very long, and very windy runway, iPhones were pulled out left and right. The first couple of looks were so breathtaking. The designers incorporated a plethora of neutrals and even more sheer fabrics. Two piece ensembles, pantsuits, and dresses made their debut. My personal favorite look was the last look that mimicked a dress from the back and was all business in the front. It had lots of little details and embellishments that wowed the audience.

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