Supima Design Competition 2017


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This year marked the ninth annual Supima Design Competition which gives six college students the chance to make it big and win a ten thousand dollar prize in order to work further in the fashion design industry. The show was hosted by Olivia Culpo for the second time in a row, she looked gorgeous as ever with her hair tied back in a bubble braid. Front row viewers were given a large gift bag along with a bouquet of cotton which was very clever and adorable on Supima’s part. The rest of the rows had smaller gift bags with UNIQLO tee’s and a Brooks Brothers wallet. I was happy that I was moved up from the third row to the second in order to fill some seats.

As soon as the show started everyone including myself was beyond impressed with the looks that were gallivanting down the runway. It was inspiring to know that these college students are my age and have incredible talent at the tip of their fingers and creativity in every inch of their being. Each student had a totally different style. There were looks adorned with floral patches, gowns filled with asymmetric angles and emerald green.  I was really rooting for Jacob Blau to win because his style catered to mine. Every piece of his that was featured on the runway was edgy and unpredictable. He used wiring and tye dye in most of his looks which I thought was cool because it wasn’t your typical evening wear look. Jeffrey Taylor, the proud winner of the competition stifled back a few tears as he thanked everyone in his life for how far he has come. I believe Jeffery’s win was well deserved due to his first eye catching dress with pops of yellow and his keen details. His gowns had such impeccable detail in them that you could practically feel his hard work and skill radiating as each look passed. Congratulations to all of the students who entered! They all did such a remarkable job, I hope to hear more about them in the future.


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